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The Dallas chapter of Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) announced  the winners of the 2015 Pegasus Awards, which recognize the most outstanding public relations and strategic communications efforts by Dallas area public relations professionals.

Winners were announced in a luncheon presentation during the annual PRSA Dallas Communications Summit  which drew public relations and communications for a full day of keynote speakers and educational panels with leading industry experts.
Highest honors and Best of Show awards went to PetSmart Charities with Golin in the Programs division for Debunking the Myths of Cats and Cat People, and to Skyonic Corp. with Ketchum in the Projects division for Skyonic’s Capitol SkyMine Grand Opening. The Best of Show awards recognize the two most outstanding entries in the Programs and Projects categories for their creativity and effectiveness in achieving goals and objectives.
PRSA Dallas president Carolyn Covey Morris also announced the top PRSA chapter awards. Bernadette Davis received the Member of the Year Award, Brooke Traister received the President's Award for Outstanding Service to the Chapter, and Dustin Cox, was honored with the New Member of the Year Award.  Click here to read more and see a list of winners...


Member Spotlight

Brooke Traister, media relations specialist, Children's Health

1.   What made you decide to get into PR?
I love hearing people’s stories and finding ways to help tell them. I originally thought that would lead me into reporting, so I majored in journalism and was an editor for my campus newspaper at UNT. I really enjoyed the fast pace of news but always felt a little disconnected from the subjects I was writing about. After graduation, the job prospects seemed a little better for PR, so I decided to go that route. It turned out to be a great decision because I still get to work with the media, but I get to build deeper relationships with the clients and people whose stories I’m telling.

2.   What is the first PR job or client account you ever worked on?
My first exposure to PR was an internship at The Richards Group, where I had the opportunity to work on corporate real estate, publishing and other B2B accounts.

3.   What do you value the most about being part of PRSA Dallas and/or how has it helped you in your career path?
In my first few years out in “the real world,” NuPros events were a great way to meet other PR pros who were around my age and experience level. Since then, I’ve really enjoyed being involved on various committees and getting to work on events and projects with other PRSA members. It’s a great way to meet fellow professionals and give something back to your industry.

4.   If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?
Outer space! I recently read The Martian and saw the movie. I wouldn’t want to live on Mars, necessarily, but a fly-by would be pretty awesome.

5.  What career would you have if you weren't working in PR?
Run a food truck or own a bakery. I love the idea of making people happy with food, and both would require some creative marketing.



PR Principles Propel Attendees to Leadership
Left to right: Roslyn Dawson Thompson and Laura Moore