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Welcome to our new website! PRSA Dallas is the top-tier, professional public relations and communications organization in Dallas. Serving more than 300 public relations practitioners in North Texas, the chapter is comprised of unparalleled public relations and communications talent who impact all facets of the business-to-consumer and business-to-business markets in the North Texas region. We are agency leaders, corporate communication practitioners, crisis communication experts, investor relations executives, strategic counselors to the C-suite, media relations and social media gurus, freelancers, “wordsmith” pros and so much more.

We strive to increase and develop the knowledge, skill set and abilities of our members, honing their potential for leadership. PRSA Dallas members leverage the power of professional networking, educational programs and partnerships to open doors in their own career paths and gain a seat at the table as a trusted advisor. Join today!

Member Spotlight

Whitney Taylor Cortner, director of marketing and communications, Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing, co-chair of the PRSA Dallas sponsorship committee

1.   What made you decide to get into PR?
My mother owned a PR agency and so naturally she pulled me into many of the events and projects she worked on for clients. Working in this field became second nature to me combined with the fact that it complements so many other areas such as development, publishing, advertising and of course marketing and communications.

2.   What is the first PR job or client account you ever worked on?
My first official PR job was an internship with Meltzer & Martin PR in the Quadrangle followed by an internship with MBRK PR & Advertising where I later worked full-time after college.

3.   What is one piece of advice you would give new PRSA Dallas members and prospective members?
Networking is key and is so valuable to growing professionally. I am fortunate to know some long-time friends that are part of PRSA Dallas, plus some great new ones. It’s such an inspiring group to mingle with for new ideas, trendsetting knowledge and thought-provoking perspectives.

4.    If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?
Jetting off to Florence, Italy, would definitely be my destination of choice. Nestled into a charming Italian café overlooking a quaint piazza with a delightful beverage and bountiful pasta dish would be a treat…simple pleasures are sometimes the best!

5.   If you could invite any three people to dinner (past or present), who would you choose?
Well, as I get older the answer to this question tends to change a little. However, I would say that my dinner party guests would include: Oprah Winfrey, because of her passionate generosity of spirit and personal fortitude; the late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale for his enduring faith and incredible positive attitude on living life to the fullest; and, on a personal note, my dear friend Sage Porter, who has sincere humility and genuine joy that is infectious. Together, this group would have remarkable qualities, including gratitude, faith, happiness and determination.





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