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PRSA Dallas UnSummit: PR Deconstructed
Friday, October 7, 2016

Hosted by Dave Fleming, Chief Inspiration Officer and Humorist

The annual Communication Summit has been transformed to become the 2016 PRSA Dallas UnSummit: PR Deconstructed. We’ve moved from a hotel to the historic Granada Theater and from breakout sessions to a half-day of seven-minute speakers delivering thought-provoking content that will have you looking at communication through a fresh new filter.

The high-energy UnSummit agenda includes dynamic thought leaders on human behavior, personal influence, success without apology and the DNA of storytelling, among other topics that are sure to stretch your way of thinking. Lessons from the 2016 Best in Show Pegasus Awards will also be shared in an engaging, interactive format that concludes with food and cocktails at the Sundown at Granada. For more information and to register, click here.


Partner Spotlight

Dave Fleming, Host of the 2016 PRSA Dallas UnSummit

1. What’s your connection to PR professionals?
Before starting my own business, I had the privilege to lead the marketing for some big brands, most notably Dr Pepper and Snapple. I believe PR plays a huge role in the marketing mix and I had the pleasure to work with some extremely talented internal and external PR experts who played a huge role in driving those businesses. In my entrepreneurial life, I help agencies build better relationships and understand how to sell their ideas in a program called “What goes on inside the mind of a client?”

2. What are two words that describe your career?
That’s easy. Insights and laughter.  A great insight is the key to any successful marketing idea, innovative product launch, or PR campaign. And insights are the key to comedy, too. I always found that I did my best work when I was laughing. And I also love to make people laugh. I wrote an 80-minute one man show called “Man vs. Office” which is my comedic view of the workplace. It produced some humbling results as named me the #2 corporate comedian in the country (if I’d just been a little funnier) and I’ve been described as the “Jerry Seinfeld of the office”. If you’ve ever spent any time hanging a home sweet home sign on a cubicle, you will recognize my humorous takes on conference calls, meetings, and the career altering decisions made in the break room.

3. Why did you start your own business?
I wanted to make a difference at more than one company. I wanted to combine my passion for coaching people and making people laugh and see if that was a job. Three years later, it is! So, now I get to work with many great companies like Southwest Airlines, Hilton Worldwide, and Intuit (to name a few), inspiring teams to inject passion, creativity, and humor into their work.

4. Any advice for our readers?
Stop saying “we’ve always done it that way” and go for it. Find new, creative solutions to business challenges. And finally, laugh, every day.

5. How can our members find out more about you?
Please visit Laughs are guaranteed for each visitor that watches a video or your full money back.